The New Orleans Native Who Styled His Way To The Big Apple

May 11, 2015

Sean James Decuers. Friendliest guy from New Orleans with a sweet accent and an infectious energy you cant deny. You want him to do your hair,  you want to work with him,  you want to be his friend.  This is the story of Sean James and how he made it to the top.


How did you get into the hair business?  I was more influenced by music than fashion … I got into it when I was 15.. I started blow drying my moms hair.. And then I started cutting my girlfriends hair and her sister and then in 8th grade I dropped out of school to go to beauty school. So by the time I was 16 I had a car, apartment and job.  I guess the thirst for knowledge just kept me going. I grew up in New Orleans and there was 2 cool shops that were influenced by music. I worked at one of them called Snobs.

Who was your first mentor?  When I was 17 I went to Sassoon in San Francisco for 3 years and that’s where I got my foundation. I worked for Drew Smith.

What brought you to NYC?  I think every hair dresser that is good is drawn to NY. I worked for Bumble and Bumble, Le Coup, Oribe, Warren Tricomi, and now I’ve been at Rita Hazan for 9 years. When I first came to New York It was really humbling for me to start all over, I had to start from the bottom, but  I learned a lot. Every salon I worked at taught me something different. When I was at Bumble I really learned how to use a razor. I feel like I got more education on the west coast they are more about cutting and precision New York is about hair dressing. When I worked at Oribe I really learned alot about hair extension pieces and styling.

How did you get into  doing fashion shows?  I have been blessed to work with the best teams, Eugene Soleimein, Orlando Pita, Sam McKnight, Guido, Edward Tricomi, Rita Hazan. I’ve been on team Orlando for 13 years. That’s 26 seasons.

What has been your favorite show to do?  Carolina Herrera ss2013.


 DIY style:

1) Put the hair into a low ponytail

2) To create this dramatic end piece we will us a hair extension. Take a 3″ section of a weft hair extension, fold it up in a fan like form to be 3/4″ and attach it inside the bottom of the ponytail

3) To create a loop with the hair left out of the ponytail  over load it with hair spray then flat iron it until its stiff with no fly aways. Wrap a piece of hair around it to secure it into place leaving out the ends.

4) To finish  over load with hairspray the ends that are left out. Flat iron the ends of the hair and the extension piece together.

What is the theory behind your technique? Working with face shape, hair texture and lifestyle. Those 3 things are the formula for a perfect look. My thing is American glam you can’t mess it up and if you do it looks a bit better. The thing about being a woman is to  take on different looks and keep them guessing. Be flexible with your part and your look. Versatility is the trick to keep the onlooker interested.

Is there a celebrity or show or client in general you have been the most excited about ?  One was when Jaimie Presley wanted to cut her hair off when she was nominated for an Emmy. I was excited and a little nervous but I knew it was gonna be good. Um, doing the lead on Marquesa was very nerve racking but Jaimie was the first thing that came to my mind.

Have you had a moment where you did a haircut and then saw it in the media as the next best thing? Yes I did a style for a magazine and it was picked up on social media. I came across it randomly and I thought, hey I did that!


Who inspires you the most in your field? Probably Orlando Pita , his adaptability to style, the way he makes things look so easy and careless, even just with a comb and a bottle of water. He can just make a woman look so beautiful effortlessly.

What are your favorite products /tools?

Oribe texturizing spray 

Favorite brushes- ys parks

Favorite hair pins – classic American pins because they hold more hair. I use to be into the Japanese ones, but they are so tight. Shear world is where I get my stuff

You can Find Sean James currently at Rita Hazaan Salon and every 6 weeks in Panama at HardRock Hotel.



Quick Tips, Summer Styles

Beach Day to Night Hairstyles..Time To Turn It Up!

May 8, 2015

The weather is warming up and so are our hairstyles! Summer is approaching and we want you to be equipped with the right ideas to take your beachy look daytime hair out for a little turn up at night. Here’s a few ideas that keep you in with a summer vibe without the hot mess


source: fashion-kid.net


If you have fine hair, a little beach could give you some much appreciated texture. Just go with it, add in some clip in extensions, try cashmere hair and do a chunky side braid.  We want texture so to juxtapose this make sure the top and part are groomed nicely,  the hair that is down can be big and messy. This is what keeps it looking on purpose messy- not hot mess.



source: blog.blush.com


What? you don’t know how to braid?? Don’t worry! The  topknot is still on fuego and going to be a constant go to this summer.  You want to make sure the sides and back are slicked super tight and the knot can be as messy as possible.


source ourvanity.com


You can’t go wrong with a textured long ponytail. You can either use a ponytail piece that you just tie on to your own pony, or you can use the smaller hair extension pieces in your set and layer them- clipped in on top of each other going down the back of your head. Then slick back the sides and tie it up. Spray some Oribe texture spray on and tease it up a bit. Voila!!


Red Carpet Report

The Met Gala- China: Through the Looking Glass -THD Best Hair

May 5, 2015

The Met celebrated its annual Gala this year with the theme China: Through the Looking Glass. Thankfully our favorite stars really brought it this year. The work of their hairstylists did not disappoint. Here are some of our favorite looks that appeared on the red carpet and the THD best hair winner announced!!

"China: Through The Looking Glass" Costume Institute Benefit Gala

"China: Through The Looking Glass" Costume Institute Benefit Gala - Arrivals








"China: Through The Looking Glass" Costume Institute Benefit Gala - Arrivals

All these Dames owned their looks from head to toe, but there was 1 that stuck out with a flawless touch. She brought the theme without a costume feel, and looked so elegant you will want to replicate this look at your next event……. The Winner of The Hair Dame Award Best 2015 Gala hair is…

picstitch 3

Rita Ora, Dames, is our lucky star. Amazing job, Chris Appleton! Thank you for sharing this awesome Instagram photo as well. #flawless

Quick Tips

How Do I DeFrizz My Curls?

March 16, 2015

The question we get most often from our curly haired girls is -“How do I get the frizz out without making my hair look greasy?” The answer is finding the right hair product for your hair.   Here’s a step by step guide on how to determine the best products for your hair type.

1. Determine your hair type- What kind of curls do you have? Do they start at your root or in the mid shaft? Are they tight curls, are they frizzy curls?

2. Determine the thirst of your hair, is your hair dry?  If your hair is dry you do want to find something that has moisturizing elements, this is where we would add in a cocktail of an emolient, like an Argan oil or Redken’s Diamond Oil to the curl lotion or a  leave in conditioner. If your hair is in good health you don’t need to add any oils to your curl enhancer.


3. Picking your product- If your curls start from your root chances are you have thicker denser curls. Your hair tends to be a bit on the dryer side. You will need a couple products you can either cocktail or layer, meaning put a dab of each in your hand and mix it all up or put it on one by one. We love the cocktail, its easier and applies more evenly. You will need something for moisture, here you can use an oil.  We like Argan oil or a smoothing lotion because it penetrates into your hair and actually moisturizes it from the inside, opposed to oil that just gives you shine. You will want to pair this with a curling lotion. Every brand makes a curling lotion. you want to look for one with at least a level 3 hold or a cocktail with a little gel.  A lot of brands now have their hold factor mentioned on the front of the package. You need the combination of the oil with the hold of the curling lotion to give you that perfect curl.

best product for no frizz


If your curl starts at your midshaft your hair probably tends to get flat on top and a bit frizzy when air dried. You need a root lifting product for volume and a separate curling lotion that you apply from mid shaft to ends only. For your volumizer- Mousse is back in and it is revamped with a modern finish, but there are endless options- heres one of our favorites-

best mousse

For your curling lotion, something light but with a nice hold will do. Here’s a few of our favorites-

perfect curling lotion


4. Styling Factor- if you have big curly hair its best if you use a towel and just scrunch your hair until it is mostly dry.  If your mid shaft curls there’s a fun little trick that really takes your hair to another level- after you apply your product take 1″ sections of your hair and twist it while its wet, the tighter the twist the curlier your hair will be, scrunch it with a towel and diffuse or let air dry.

perfect-Curls 628x363

**Important tips- DO NOT TOUCH YOUR HAIR WITH YOUR HANDS!! This is the #1 cause of frizz. Use a shampoo/conditioner for curly hair. Get haircuts from stylists that specialize in curly hair. Its a different ball game. Look for someone that cuts it dry. Brush your hair out before you wash it, after use a huge comb or don’t brush it at all after washing.

Quick Tips

How Often Should I Wash My Hair?

March 9, 2015

Ladies ask us all the time, how often should I wash my hair? Some of you are stuck on every day, and some of you can go a week without blinking. The answer is somewhere in the middle. Every 2 days is ideal. Washing every day strips the natural oils of your scalp, which creates more oils, as our scalps need to stay lubricated, and in turn makes the hair MORE oily. Waiting more than a few days to wash your hair, which we ourselves can be guilty of, has the adverse affect. The oils from our scalp can turn acidic and can alter the color of our hair, especially if your blonde. Every other day is the correct way to treat your hair.

A dry shampoo is a great way to get through the first day, try Serge Normant Meta Revive  Serge Normant is an iconic hairstylist with over 30 years in the business. He did a fabulous job on creating this product. If you like dry shampoo, this is the one.



Our favorite line of shampoo and conditioner right now is Neuma– They are a sustainable line of products that are committed to full disclosure of ingredients and not hurting the environment. They have created a fantastic cocktail page on their site, with prescriptions for their products for each scalp and hair type.