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9 Ways To Travel Looking Like A Celebrity


Some of us just want to know, geez how do we look good and still not put too much effort into getting ready for the airport. I mean, celebs do it, so why cant we? We took a little moment to show you 9 ways to keep up with your favorite celeb and their airport chic look.


1.Wear random items in your closet for your best IDGAF rock star look

cara delavigne at airport

2. Stop at Dry Bar on your way and get a fierce blow out

kim kardashian airport style



3. Wrap an over sized scarf around your neck, espceially if its 80 degrees out

A Dressed Down Lauren Conrad Arrives in Miami


4. Pull out your braided top knot hair piece and throw your hair up in a sleek bun


5. Rock your over sized sunglasses and a trending hat


6. Clip in your hair extensions and throw on a baseball cap to your friends brand


7. Stay on trend with the hottest hair style,  in this cas- half up top knot


8. Go braid or go home- always an easy go to

catt sadler airport style

9. Spoiler Alert: The most important accessory isn’t your hair, its sunglasses- the bigger the better!


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Raise Your Hand If Your Going To Coachella?!!

Everyone is asking the wrong question.. are you going to Coachella? Umm, who isn’t going? The real question is, how are you wearing your hair to Coachella? There’s a few things you need to take your hair vibe to the next level…

1. Hair Chalk

hair chalk for coachella


coachella hair

hair-chalk coachella


2. Glitter Gel 




glitter hair

3. Clip In Hair Extensions– Use clip in pieces for messy braids and dreadlock additions

coachella hair

coachella hair styles

coachella hair

4. Feathers-

hair feathers feathers-hair-coachella hair



5. Braids-



selena gomez- hippie-hair-braids


Stay Safe at Coachella and make sure to tag us on Instagram @thehairdame with your #Coachellahair for a feature!!



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Best Shampoos To Use for Hair Extensions (why this matters)

how to wash hair extensions

Hair extensions can be a tricky thing to care for.  The right shampoo is so important. For permanent hair extensions they all have a bond element, whether its tape, individual glue ins, and even the kind that are attached with beads have a bonded tip. These hair extensions can not be washed with shampoos that have sulfates or synthetic oils in the formula as it breaks down the bonds and will have your extensions falling out.  The most important thing to note, is when first having your hair extensions installed, its crucial to wait 72 hrs before washing your hair. This allows the bond to properly seal so water doesn’t get in between the bond and break it apart. Here’s some of our favorite shampoos. For clip in Hair extensions, it is important you use sulfate free shampoo. Harsh cleansers will strip the outer coating of the hair and make it dull and split endy. Below are some of our favorite shampoos for hair extensions.

Bain de Terre-

shampoo for hair extensions, sulfate free








Organix Renewing Argan Oil Shampoo-

sulfate free shampoo for hair extensions

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Spring into Hair Color


The Best way to boil down the spring hair color trend is with one word- Sombre. Sombre means soft ombre. No matter what color your hair is; blonde, red, or brunette, its time to create the lightbox around your face and brighten up for the warm weather. There’s definately diferent levels to sombre, you can be as natural or as dramatic as you wish, but the idea is to have a darker root and lighter ends, but the soft part is to have highlights that break up the root and blend into the lighter ends.. Here’s a few examples that we love.

Blondes- Honey to platinum, short to long. Here’s some of our fav’s.





Brunettes- Carmel, honey, bronze. The shade is up to you.





Red Heads- From copper to strawberry blonde, here’s some ideas of shades we love.

sombre, red hair color




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The Eye Behind the ‘Wetlands’- Marta Mcadams

When we first came across this photo series of utter visual hair perfection, there were a couple things we wanted to know.  1)Who was responsible for the beautiful styling and direction of these shots and 2)  how we could see more?

Marta McAdams is a beauty, fashion, and event photographer from Warsaw, Poland. Now living in NYC, Marta continues to make photographic masterpieces with a team of unbelievably creative women by her side.  One of them being Sylvia J. Stankowski who is responsible for the hairstyling of the ‘Wetlands’ shoot.

We snagged an interview with both ladies and can’t wait to share.  See Marta McAdams’ interview below and Sylvia J. Stankowski’s on the following blog post.  Enjoy!


THD: Your photos are beautiful and very creative, do you typically dream up these ideas or think of them on the spot while shooting?  Thank you for the kind words! Working out a concept is actually a pretty extensive process, it doesn’t happen over night. Even if I have an idea that I know will make a great story I always take my time and make sure that all the elements are in place before I press the shutter.

THD: What inspired you to come up with the “Wetlands” look?  The desire to create something unique and beautiful. Simple as that.

THD: Where were these photos published?  Wetlands was published in Institute Magazine, HUF Magazine, Vogue Italia and some other smaller outlets. The story got me and my team a lot of attention, which we’re all grateful for.

HC: Obviously makeup and wardrobe are a big part of a photoshoot but how important is hair?  When shooting beauty hair is actually way more important than wardrobe! It has to be as close to perfect as humanly possible as it is very difficult to fix in post.

 HC: What do you look for when searching for a hairstylist to collaborate with?
Imagination, perfectionism, skill and character.
HC: When do you get excited about a shoot you have done?  After you have just taken a photo, while editing or once you see the finished product?  It depends on the shoot 😉 Usually I know right away whether the concept is going to work or not.
HC: Out of all the “Wetlands” photos, which is your favorite and why?  It’s hard to tell, I do not have a strict favorite. I’m pleased with the whole story, it’s actually my personal favorite up to date. However if I had to chose I think I’d pick this one (see attached). I love how the light and shadows carve out her features, the gorgeous highlight on her glossy lids and lips, the lip color and perfect hair that resembles a snake crawling behind the ear… and her completely peaceful yet slightly tense expression allowing it to happen and waiting for what comes next…
HC: Do you have any exciting projects coming up that you can talk about?
The rule of thumb is that exciting projects like silence before they get published 😉 However I’m really looking forward to shooting more raw, natural beauty with NYC models. I’ve always been drawn to interesting faces in their pure form and one of my new personal projects for 2016 is to collect as many as them as I possibly can.
HC: What are some of your favorite hair products that you are using right now?
Avocado and coconut oil. Both are 100% natural and work wonders for my hair!
HC: Do you wear extensions?  No, I don’t. 😉

www.martamcadams.com   Follow Marta on Instagram @marta_mcadams