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Teen Vogue Party-Young Hollywood Gave Us Good Hair But Who Rocked It The Best?

September 30, 2014

Teen Vogue publishes a Young Hollywood issue every year and each year they celebrate it with a bang! We chose our favorite hair looks from their red carpet and posted them here for you to weigh in.  Its important to have fun with your hair- after all its a girls most important accessory!

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Let us know which style you liked best and we will give you the DIY to get the look yourself! Post a comment below and we will let you know our winner next week!


How To Ease The Transition Of Dark To Light Hair

June 23, 2014

Are you one that follows the color trend seasonally? Did you go dark for winter and now want to go lighter for summer and don’t know how to go about it? Is Khloe Kardashian’s hair color secretly inspiring (even though we don’t want to admit it)?

Well, don’t fret!

We are here to tell you what to do. We recommend doing it slowly, especially if you have been light, then dark, and now some light in your life again. If you noticed, Khloe wasn’t blonde over night. She started lightening it little by little. A balyage pattern of highlights is always a good way to start . It has a very soft touch, and as you progress, your stylist can incorporate a little ombre lightness on the ends. Getting the front of your hair light right away always makes you feel brighter. Here’s and idea of progression from dark to light on Khloe.


Dark to Light ….

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Kelly Osborne & Nicole Ritchie Purple Hair- You Can Do It Too!

June 16, 2014

PURPLE HAIR IS A TREND????????????? Yep, its true! Kelly Osbourne has been rocking lavendar hair for some time now. Nicole Ritchie followed up with this look and we aren’t mad at her.

You can be cool too!


It’s fun , especially for summer. Let loose and get crazy! lol. If you’re already a very light blonde, this will be easy for you to achieve.  If you want a pastel-like color, just get a manic panic color you like, mix it with conditioner, about a scoop of each and apply it to damp hair. WARNING: You must be very blonde for this to work, and conditioner must be white. Comb through your hair to make sure it is even and  allow to sit for 15 min or more.  You can mix the colors to get the tone you want, if you want it a little more violet, add a teensy bit of red, and if you want it a cooler tone, add a teensy bit of blue.  All of this MUST be manic panic colors.

Just mix with a little white conditioner to get a pastel color. The color you see when mixed is what you get.