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Our 5 Favorite Hair Accessories for Holiday HairDo’s

December 12, 2014

Image source: mykitsch.com


This Holiday season add a little pizazz to your hairstyles. Hair accessories have always been popular for weddings but now they are becoming more seen on cool trendy styles. Take a simple hairstyle and glam it up with a jewelpiece. We picked 5 of our favorite accessories.  See which ones you like below and try them out for your next holiday party. Enjoy!


Decco Bun Pin by Kitsch

Decco Bun Pin by Kitsch

This Deco bun pin is perfect to take a simple day time top knot into an evening style ready to party www.mykitsch.com has designed several different styles of bun pins and we are super fans.

Spike Headband by LuvAJ

Spike Headband by LuvAJ

LuvAJ is a cool brand that do cool rock and roll style hair accessories. These pieces take your messed up bed head to a chic together pulled together look.  After all ‘I woke up like this’  is this year’s theme,  here you can just add a spike to it and call it a day! You can find these pieces at www.luvaj.com   

booby pins

Bobby Pins by Anthropologie

Do you tend to be attracted to more simple hairstyles? These might be the perfect look for you. Layer them or stick them on the side of a straight down look. This adds a little somethin somethin without too much. you can find these beauties at www.anthropologie.com 

Pony Bangle by Henri Bendel

Pony Bangle by Henri Bendel

This might be our favorite hair accessory so far. Finally we have an awesome way to decorate our pony tails without using hair.  This chic bangle just wraps around your pony making it look sharp and funky at the same time.

Cosmos Bandeaux by Jennifer Behr

Cosmos Bandeaux by Jennifer Behr

 This piece is absolutely stunning.  It will take a simple bun to a glamorous level that will not be overlooked.  Any fashionista walking into the room with this headpiece on will not go unnoticed!  www.jenniferbehr.com

Red Carpet Report

The THD Award For Best Hair at Art Basel

December 11, 2014

Our #womancrush at Art Basel 2014 and THD Award for best hair goes to Solange Knowles.  We love the natural texture she always rocks and this shoulder length style is killing it. There’s not another accessory she needs, her hair says it all!


solange knowles



SPOTLIGHT: The Undone Done Hairstylist To Keep Our Eyes On!

December 9, 2014

Watch out hair lovers..here comes Ray D! He is slaying heads one celeb at a time.  Everyday we have the joy of seeing a group of lovely, opinionated, sassy women on The Real, They talk about men, hollywood gossip and important controversial topics.  The one thing we really need to be talking about is how fabulous everyone’s hair,  makeup and wardrobe looks!  These ladies are really bringing it. One that stuck out to us was Adriene Bailon. She has a different hairstyle every day and each one is giving her “a moment” as Ray D would say.  We had the opportunity to talk to Ray and here’s the dish on all his favorite products,  specialty techniques and his advice to up and coming stylists in the business.

picstitch 2

How long have you been doing hair?  7 years. Started on a whim but I’ve always been creative and took the opportunity when it was presented to me

What is your specialized technique or method? known for the ‘undone’ look.   Hair should be easy and breezy, it should have flow and movement.  I think I bring a younger appeal to my clients

How did you get into the business? assisted Kim Berry (Prince’s hairstylist)  started in a salon and word of mouth. {The Jasmine Ashley salon}

Who was your first celebrity/ big break? Adrienne Bailon was my first big client and word of mouth from there

What are your favorite tools/ products? Oribe texturizing spray, LOVE IT! KMS waxspray way live by!  Spray and play by bis sexy hair, biosilk drops. Tools- Nueme love their irons and wands, babyliss nano titanium, blowdryer- silver bird

Who is someone you would die to get your hands on? Would love to word with Zedaya, I love her style now, but I would love her to experience me.  I love her style, I think she’s so beautiful.

What do you see for the future of your career/ major goals? I’m actually dying to get an extension line of my own as well as a couple products. I want to share with the world a piece of me- conquering one head at a time. Malaysain hair {type of hair extensions} is my personal favorite.

Is there someone who’s work you admire beyond? Who is your biggest inspiration? I love Oscar James!! He’s an amazing hairstylist, I love him and we’re actual cool-I know him.. Ursula Stevens, she does Rihanna, I think she’s awesome and innovative. I love her work!!

Do you have any advice for up and coming hairstylists trying to break into entertainment? This industry is very up and down- so create relationships and good relationships. Its good to be good at what you do but that alone won’t cut it. Its about who you know AND what you know!! You can learn from other hairstylists, there is always new techniques and you need to stay up on your game.

Ok I just want to get a vibe for when your on set with a client- What is your favorite word right now when working with a client ? I like to tell them, they look’ beat’.  This hair beat is everything or we are having a moment- Girl this is your moment!


You can check out more of Ray’s D’ s work on his website  www.raydhair.com

Be on the lookout for his latest hairstyles on Adriene Bailon on The Real .

Quick Tips

Our Favorite Brushes

December 1, 2014

The options we have in hair brushes these days is somewhat of an anomaly. How do we know which brush is best for our hair type? Well, there are a couple that are universally awesome and some that have technique behind them for the texture its working with.  We will break it down for you below.


The Mason Pearson is an industry favorite. It is amazing for all hair types. It brushes your scalps natural oils through your hair.  Its great for styling, brushing out styled curls from irons and gives your hair great shine. The pure boar bristle version is the most expensive and will straighten spiral curly hair simply with a blow dryer.  It is a more expensive brush but will last you a lifetime.




The Marilyn Brush is also widely used by industry professionals. This brush, or any boar bristles brush is best used on curly hair for a fab blowout. It will straighten your hair while giving it massive volume and shine. The size of the brush depends on the length of hair it is being used on. Every curly haired girl with a dream of giving herself a beautiful blowout only needs this brush and our How to blow out video.




A metal round brush is best for straight to medium wavy hair for a killer blowout. For a straight blowout use a larger brush and a smaller one for a curly blowout. The metal retains the heat from the blowdryer and with different brands you get different benefits.  In this case the nano technology infuses weightless shine on a molecular level and decreases drying time.




Vent brushes in general are brushes that have holes in them to vent the heat. The round brush above is a vent brush. However when referring to a vent brush most of us think  of a flat wide brush with holes and spaces in between bristles. This is great for straight and slight wavy hair as it will give you great shiny straight hair. We always recommend this brush for bangs.



Last but not least is the wet brush.  This brush is amazing for getting out tangled hair and knots. The bristles are flexible so instead of pulling and breaking the hair they bend with the hair to untangle it.


Where Fashion meets Fantasy : Laurent Philippon

November 24, 2014

On this lovely fall day here in Los Angeles, I had the pleasure of speaking with the amazing Laurent Philippon, a hairstylist that we know from magazine covers like Vogue, ad campaigns including Valentino and Givenchy, and celebrities such as Lady Gaga and Bjork. We all know and respect his work and I am honored to share his story and perspective. This is a short story on Laurent Philippon.

laurent philippon celebrity hairstylist hair extension storage

Laurent Philippon was born to be a hairdresser, you might say. His father was a barber and Laurent grew up from a very young age standing on a stool washing hair. He was uninspired in the small barber shop in his village and had a strong desire to expand his estetic. At the age of 15, he left school and went on to the school of hairdressing. By 16, he entered into his first hair contest and won. Winning that first contest gave him a strong confidence and kept him moving forward in this world of hairstyling as he continued to win regionals and then on to nationals. He was confident and yet very curious, but he wanted more. Laurent decided to knock on the door of hairdressing legend, Alexandre de Paris, which was where he really studied his method and developed his skills. He started from the very bottom sweeping floors, but spent hours and hours perfecting technique.

As an artist, we all have something or somewhere that inspires us. For Laurent, he is inspired by EVERYTHING. He says he is the most curious person he knows. However, to find solace on his downtime he finds himself at the Palace of Versailles. I asked if he sits and enjoys coffee and takes it in. His response was intriguing. He walks, he says. He stays in movement. The right movement is very important, he explains. As an example, the movement of the oceans and seas is perfection and this translates into his theory of hairstyling. Laurent explains he adapted this theory from his work with Julien D’ys , who is the definition of an artist by every token.

laurent philippon hair fashion hair extensions storgae salome_virginie__hair___fashion_and_fantasy__laurent_philippon_845962858_north_545x-1-txt

For hairdressers, we embody ourselves into our own work. The inspiration, the study, the technique. However, I found through my conversation with Laurent that he is embodied by not only his own work, but by the work of others. This is exemplified in his book, Hair: Fashion and Fantasy. His appreciation and respect for his mentors is manifested through his estethic and his curiosity is shown through his admiration for the work around him. He said he gets so excited to see the work of Eugene Souleiman, and for a successful artist to display this much passion for a collegue is admirable. This idea of displaying the work of others and the inspiration to which they collectively feed on is what we see in his book, and what his inspiration was for creating it.

Today, Laurent is the global creative director of Bumble and Bumble and wishes to own a hair museum one day. I hope soon, so that this wonderful book will become a monument for the crossbreed of hairdresser, painter, photographer. The true definition of Art.  ##


 cover hair fashion and fantasy laurent philippon hair extension storage