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How To Create Long-Lasting Volume

Hey, Dames! Who wants volume that doesn’t quit?! WE DO!

We’ve found this epic hair piece that’s totally life-changing! It’s called Secret Volume. But… what does it do? It’s multi-functional: it can cover bald spots or over-dramatic cow licks. Below we show you a fun way to create forever volume in a half-up hairstyle. Chrissy Tiegen rocks this style from time to time, it’s a fav go-to.


Below are some tips and steps about how to do it with ease.

1. Tease the front top section of hair.
2. Clip in the Secret Volume hair piece. Snap in the middle clip first so you have a grip when snapping in the side clips.
3. Tease the Secret Volume hair piece and pull your hair over it. Smooth out the top layer of your hair and pull together. Tie off with a cute rubber band.

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Don’t forget to always keep your hair pieces stored safely in your HairClutch.

Let us know what you think. Post your versions of the hairstyle on IG and tag us @thehairdame. We will repost our favorites.



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Red Carpet Report: Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show


Every year, Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is a gathering for all celebs, entertainers, and anyone that loves to watch  hot chicks in barely anything walk the runway to great music. However, we love it for one reason and one reason only: THE HAIR! Victoria’s Secret Hair is every girl’s dream. Their color, the length, the natural wave that screams #WokeUpLikeThis, and part of us truly believes that Adriana Lima does, in fact, wake up like that.

This year, the lingerie show has a new head stylist in charge: Sarah Potempa. Not only is she the sweetest thing, and extremely talented, but she is an inventor and entrepreneur. She invented the Beachwaver. Its an awesome curling iron that twirls itself so you dont have to burn your arm or hand while giving yourself the perfect beach wave. So, this year, they have a different approach to all the hair. It is shiny, defined curls and waves, in a more natural length. They are building off the natural look of all the models. Some of them are still wearing hair extensions, but it’s not a long dramatic look, it’s a natural approach to hair extensions.

You can recreate this look too! The most affordable extensions on the market today are Secret Extensions. You can add a few pieces for various look that you may desire: one piece will give you a natural look, two pieces are great if you have shorter hair and want real length and volume, three pieces will give you that over the top glamazon hair. Once you have your pieces in, use your Beachwaver to create the perfect beach wave all over your head. An easy way to make sure to get all the hair curled is to style it before you put it on. HairClutch is the perfect styling assistant. It holds the hair while you curl it. Make sure to keep the setting of heat on 300 degrees or less. You don’t need to hold the hair on the iron for too long. Once you have heated the hair in the curl shape let the hair go out of the iron and hold it in your hand in the curl shape to cool. Once it cools down you can let it go. These curls last and don’t need an abundance of hair product. Below, our Dame, Katie Welch is wearing three pieces of secret extensions (two lightest golden blonde and one medium golden blonde for a lowlight).

katie welch singer secret extensions

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You can also check out our interview we did with Sarah Potempa last year. We’ve been watching her for a while, she’s a DAME!

Post pics of your victoria secret hair on Instagram and tag us @thehairdame . We will repost our favs!



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Going Away for the Holidays? Here’s How to Keep Your Hair On Point Like a DAME


Hey there, Dames! Is everyone ready for a bounce to the ounce out of town for the holidays? Us too, but let’s not get crazy and throw out all of our hair routines. Let’s remember a few key components:

1. Stay Fly Like a DAME

You’re on vacation, who cares what you look like, right? WRONG! Whether you’re single and ready to mingle, or you’re locked and under control, looking good above all things is feeling good. We are not here to tell you to find a dry bar in the middle of Mexico, but here’s a couple of tips to make a quick and easy “Stay Fly Like a DAME” routine while you’re on vacation.

*Always have as set of hair extensions with you. Our favorite go-to’s are Secret Extensions. Why? They’re super affordable and you can buy several colors –whether you want to match your color, add a lowlight, a hightlight, extra length and/or volume. With a set of Secret Extensions when on vacation, you can make a slicked back volumized ponytail, a high bun, or a dramatic braid, etc.

high ponytail with extensions

* Have a gel, a grooming cream, and an oil finisher in hand for an awesome hair product cocktail that makes the perfect “wet look”. Just mix them all in your hand at once, and I mean A LOT, in your hand and apply it to your roots all the way to your ends. Then scrunch with a towel to allow your natural wave to come through. Create a desired part and slick down the sides. BOOM! Kim Kardashian! Whaaaaaat!? Everyone will be asking you how you did it or they’ll just stare like “bam, she looks bomb!”.

kim kardashian wetlook

photo cred: Film magic

For THD How To Create a Wet look click Here:



2. Stay Organized

Your on vacay, your hair extensions are all over your room, some hot guys walk in and think you killed a rat! First of all, no man needs to know a woman’s secret… like ever. Second like ever. So… do yourself a favor and get a HairClutch. It stores your hair extensions for travel, you can take it straight out of your suitcase and hang it in the closet, and you can style your hair while its hanging. It’s a no-brainer.

hair extension storage and travel for the kardashians

3. Stay Ready So You Don’t Have to Get Ready

You’ve been so organized while planning your trip: you organized outifts, you dialed down your shoe options, you even got your hair extensions and Hairclutch all packed and ready to go. You get to your destination and the worst case scenario is now your reality: the airline’s lost your luggage! So, how does a DAME stay ready?

* Take a small carry-on, like an oversized tote with an outift, your HairClutch with hair extensions, and travel size toiletries. Trust us. It’s the only savior in those panic situations. You’ll never travel any other way after this happens to you.

For more infor on hair extensions, CLICK LINK belwo:

We hope you have a fabulous vacation! Don’t forget the 3 rules when packing!!



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9 Ways To Travel Looking Like A Celebrity


Some of us just want to know, geez how do we look good and still not put too much effort into getting ready for the airport. I mean, celebs do it, so why cant we? We took a little moment to show you 9 ways to keep up with your favorite celeb and their airport chic look.


1.Wear random items in your closet for your best IDGAF rock star look

cara delavigne at airport

2. Stop at Dry Bar on your way and get a fierce blow out

kim kardashian airport style



3. Wrap an over sized scarf around your neck, espceially if its 80 degrees out

A Dressed Down Lauren Conrad Arrives in Miami


4. Pull out your braided top knot hair piece and throw your hair up in a sleek bun


5. Rock your over sized sunglasses and a trending hat


6. Clip in your hair extensions and throw on a baseball cap to your friends brand


7. Stay on trend with the hottest hair style,  in this cas- half up top knot


8. Go braid or go home- always an easy go to

catt sadler airport style

9. Spoiler Alert: The most important accessory isn’t your hair, its sunglasses- the bigger the better!


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Raise Your Hand If Your Going To Coachella?!!

Everyone is asking the wrong question.. are you going to Coachella? Umm, who isn’t going? The real question is, how are you wearing your hair to Coachella? There’s a few things you need to take your hair vibe to the next level…

1. Hair Chalk

hair chalk for coachella


coachella hair

hair-chalk coachella


2. Glitter Gel 




glitter hair

3. Clip In Hair Extensions– Use clip in pieces for messy braids and dreadlock additions

coachella hair

coachella hair styles

coachella hair

4. Feathers-

hair feathers feathers-hair-coachella hair



5. Braids-



selena gomez- hippie-hair-braids


Stay Safe at Coachella and make sure to tag us on Instagram @thehairdame with your #Coachellahair for a feature!!



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