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Hair Curling 101: Horizontal vs Vertical Waves

Hi Dames! What the heck is a vertical wave or horizontal wave? I’ll tell you- lots of women ask me how to achieve the super glam waves celebs sport on the red carpet or how to achieve the perfect beach wave all year round. The answer is knowing which direction to hold your iron. Check out the how to do video below.


the hair dame glam waves

Horizontal waves create a very glam style best for evening look. Hold your iron so the barrel is pointing horizontal.

thehair dame beach waves

Vertical waves create a day time, summer, casual style. Hold your iron pointing downward.


Let me know how it works out for you!


Amalia Moscoso

The Hair Dame

DIY, Spring/Summer Hairstyles

Braids: Let’s Get Down to Basics

Dames, summer is approaching which definitely means…yup braid season! Its the cutest way to get your hair up and dress up or down in many ways.  Some of us are experts at braids and some of us could use a little help.  That being said I created a video for you breaking down the finger technique I use to teach you the basics of braiding. Check it out!


the hair dame braids

Let me know if you have any questions.  Just take your time and remember, you can do it!

Tag me @thehairdame to show me your braid



Amalia Moscoso

The Hair Dame

DIY, Spring/Summer Hairstyles

Festival Season’s Here! How To Create The Best On-The-Go Heatless Curls

Hi, Dames! Getting revved up for Coachella? If you are planning to camp, here’s some fun hair tips for heatless waves. Got you covered here!

1) Start the weekend with braids. They will get you through the first night, maybe two depending on how much fun you have. When you take them out… bam! Waves for days.

Pigtail braids -- perfect for the gym AND for getting awesome curls

Pigtail braids — perfect for the gym AND for getting awesome curls

2) You get to Coachella the first day with perfect waves styled and your best looks: you go to Magic carnival and party till 7 am and your hair is disgusting… sound familiar? Well, wash it! While it’s wet, put it in a French braid like below, take a nap. When you wake up and your hair is dry, take out the braid. Bam! Waves for days.

Classic large back braid

Classic large back braid

3) Have you had a crazy weekend must wash your hair but have no time to wait for braids?  Let me introduce you to your new best friend. I always say the perfect cocktail for natural waves is styling cream with a little gel.  It seems Redken stole my concept and made it into the perfect product. I’m so happy because now we can use just one product to achieve the dream hairstyle of perfect natural waves.

Here’s how you do it: wash and condition your hair, towel dry, put in this awesome product work into hair –No Blow Dry– scrunch with a towel and move on with your life. Your hair will air dry perfectly.

Redken's latest line: NBD

Redken’s latest line: NBD

DIY, Spring/Summer Hairstyles

9 Braid Looks You Will Want To Rock This Summer

Braid Styles – Braids are great for summer, day 2 or 3 of a blowout.  The messier the better for daytime.  To dress it up keep it more groomed. A  little texture will go a long way.  Once you secure the look you can always go back through and pull out pieces, rough up the braid with your fingers, or loosen it by slightly pulling the braid apart.

1. Crown Braid- The easiest way to approach this braid is to create a middle part.  Make 2 ponytails with little clear rubber bands.  Braid each braid down to the end and secure with a clear rubber band. Remove the rubber band at the base and cross braid over to the other side, secure with a bobby pin. Repeat on the other side.


2.Fishtail Side Pony- Secure all your hair to one side with a clear rubber band. Divide the pony into 2 sections, take a thin piece off the end of a section and cross it over to the other section. Repeat from the other side.  Make sure to keep the sections divided into 2 and the pieces you grab from the end need to be thin, this is what really gives the scaly look of a fish tail. Continue on down to the end remove rubber band at the base.


4. Side French Braid – Create a deep side part.  Take the top front and divide into 3 sections, have the hair face in the direction you want the braid.  Gather hair from the right side in a horizontal direction into the end section, cross that over  the middle section, which now becomes the middle section.  Do the same thing on the left and cross it over to now become the middle section. Continue this motion all the way down.  Secure with clear rubber band. hair-braids-pinterest

  5. Ponytail with bubble braid- Slick hair into a ponytail.  If you don’t have a thick ponytail, definitely use a ponytail hair piece.  Secure it in place. Take little clear rubber bands and tie them around the ponytail leaving 2 inches in between. Slighty pull each section to give it a bubble look.


6. Side bang braid/fishtail hybrid- If you cant french braid you can cheat on this one- just braid your bangs back and secure with a bobby. Pull all your hair to one side secure with a clear rubber band. Fishtail (as we instructed above). You can make the braid extra texturized at the end by rubbing your fingers against the braid and slightly pulling it apart.


7. French Braid- you don’t have to think about drill team when you were 7 for a french braid. Add some volume and texture and it is chic and stylish. Use Oribe’s texturizing spray and spray it all over your hair. Back comb the roots of your hair and spray a little working hairspray in it, Morocan Oil has a great one. Offset the start of your braid a couple inches back and create a french braid, loosely pulling in your horizontal sections into the braid.  Braid to the end and secure with a rubber band.  Spray some texturing spray on the braid and back comb it lightly to give the braid a bit of texture.


8. Mohawk bang braid with ponytail-  You can do a french braid or an inverted braid on the top of your head. Section out a mohawk and pin that out of the way. Slick the rest of your hair up into a tight high ponytail. Use your Mason Pearson and grooming cream to get it really slick. Now you can braid your mohawk. Braid it down about 2 inches past the ponytail.  Secure it with a clear rubber band and wrap it around the ponytail to hide the rubber band from the pony and create a finished look. Secure with a bobby.


9. Mohawk french braid – For this look, we are going to start by creating a mohawk of little ponytails. Using little clear rubber bands , bring up sections forms the sides and secure in the middle. Then, we are going to take some loose hair extension hair and loop it around the first little ponytail at the top and start the inverted braid moving down the mohawk. Bring all the little ponytails into the braid going all the way down. Spray some texturing spray on the braid and back comb it with a comb to give it texture. Keep the sides sleek.

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