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Wigs Are Back! Here’s How You Can Be Down With The Trend At An Inexpensive Price

Dames!  Ever wonder how the Jenner-Kardashians change from one dramatic color/style to the next in one day? They also go from layers to none and from short to long. I got the secret for you: WIGS! Wigs are in! in! in! They’re all over the red carpet and you wouldn’t ever know it.  Some of J-Lo’s most glamorous ponytails and longest red carpet locks were — you guessed it — WIGS!


Kim’s blonde wig!



Kylie's legendary mermaid hair

Kylie’s legendary mermaid hair

Wigs are a fun way to get a new look. These days you have such a wide range of prices to achieve these looks. Some cost as low as $40 and others cost up of $30k. Obviously the 30k wigs are for the Beyoncé’s of the world, but hey, they exist! Check out the image below, where model Leila Spilman’s rocking a wig from Lux Hair.

auburn collage

blonde collage

copper collage

Hard to believe this is the same Dame in all these looks? It’s not just the wig, it’s how you style the wigs that makes a difference too. Accessorize it! Change your makeup! It’s so fun!

Check out Lux Hair. They have really great wigs for an affordable price and I can give you all kinds of tips on how to style them and have fun with it.

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Amalia Moscoso

The Hair Dame

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Shoot for More Volume – BTS with The Hair Dame

Happy Friday, Dames! Last month we had a lovely time shooting with models of all ages for Secret Volume by The Hair Dame. Secret Volume is a master hair extension piece: you can use it for multiple purposes. It can cover any thinner spots on top of your head and can be used in the back to cover a cowlick. My favorite is to use as a volumizer on the crown of your hair and as a filler in updos. Its the most versatile hair piece I have seen on the market. Here’s some fun behind the scenes shots of all our fun on set and a little video from me to you on how awesome this hair piece is!

secret volume behind the scenes

secret volume

secret volume


This is such an awesome product! Check out all our videos on YouTube and get yours at We will be showing you how to maximize this product throughout the month with its multiple uses. Make sure to send us any questions. We want you to have fun with your hair!



Amalia Moscoso,

The Hair Dame

Behind the Scenes, Features

Behind the Scenes with Stone Fox and THD

Hi, Dames! Recently, I worked on an awesome shoot with Stone Fox Bride for and it was published on It was so fun! Carly Giglio was on Makeup for Stila Cosmetics, Paulina Castro Ogando was on wardrobe, and Aurora Botanica was on florals. Last but not least was my sister, Natalia Michele, as my partner in hair. We had two models and did three looks for each – it was awesome! I used Secret Volume by The Hair Dame and Secret Extensions by The Hair Dame. These hair pieces really helped emphasize the looks. Check out the pics below to get a glimpse of what it was like – the backstage magic in motion! There’s a bonus video at the very bottom.









You can check out the story on here.

Let me know what you think, Dames!


Amalia Moscoso, The Hair Dame