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Trendy Spring/Summer Styles

Trendy Spring/Summer Styles

Trend Report: Middle Part Braids How To Look Glam and Fly

Hi Dames, middle parts have been a thing for a few years now, but we are kicking it up a notch with this cool trend- braids and jewelry in the middle part! Yep! We have seen it on runways, socialites, and celebs. It’s one of those instacool things to do. I know you are thinking “I can’t pull that off” but the truth is you can. You can too!  The trick is having your outfit and makeup on point, or even just your attitude match your instacool hairstyle that day. I did it! Everyone knows I am a bun and ponytail girl, so what do you think?

FullSizeRender 2


Here’s some other cool inspirations of ways to do it.






So, play with it and see what you like the best and make sure to tag me in the photos! @thehairdame


Amalia Moscoso

The Hair Dame

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Trend Alert: Summer Trend Predictions by The Hair Dame

Dames, as summer approaches, there are a few things you need in your arsenal of beauty tools and products. Let’s start with my summer predictions! Actually… these are just the same recycled summer trends we’ve had for the last few years, but enter a few new ones.


Braids of all shapes are always in for the summer

Braids of all shapes are always in for the summer


Beach Waves:

Who doesn't love some good beach waves?

Who doesn’t love some good beach waves?



Headbands work with any hairstyle!

Headbands work with any hairstyle!


Hair Wraps:

Hair wraps are making a huge comeback

Hair wraps are making a huge comeback


Super Natural Highlights:

Sun-kissed hair is all the rage

Sun-kissed hair is all the rage


Dusty Pastel Toners:

Dusty rose hair is a go-to when it comes to muted pastels

Dusty rose hair is a go-to when it comes to muted pastels


The Summer Dame guide :

YouTube videos on braids, waving irons and flat irons, headbands (there’s cool ones on Etsy), Hair wraps (buy some clip-in ones, also on Etsy!), get your hair highlited in May/June and stock up on Manic Panic pastels and cheap white conditioner!

Stock up summer’s right around the corner!



Amalia Moscoso

The Hair Dame

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Spring into Hair Color

The Best way to boil down the spring hair color trend is with one word- Sombre. Sombre means soft ombre. No matter what color your hair is; blonde, red, or brunette, its time to create the lightbox around your face and brighten up for the warm weather. There’s definately diferent levels to sombre, you can be as natural or as dramatic as you wish, but the idea is to have a darker root and lighter ends, but the soft part is to have highlights that break up the root and blend into the lighter ends.. Here’s a few examples that we love.

Blondes- Honey to platinum, short to long. Here’s some of our fav’s.





Brunettes- Carmel, honey, bronze. The shade is up to you.





Red Heads- From copper to strawberry blonde, here’s some ideas of shades we love.

sombre, red hair color




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We Have A Trend Alert! NYFW SS2016 -Get The Look

What do Boss, DKNY, Delpozo, and Michael Kors have in common at their runway shows?





You guessed it Dames! Deep side parts!! What does this mean for us?  This is a high trend alert. This spring/ summer the deep side part will be a happening look. We’ve also noticed a natural beach messy texture vibe going on. Feels Twiggy meets Bridgette Bardot. We have some hot how to’s coming up to stay on point with the right version of these styles for you. Stay Tuned!


Dame Amalia

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Trending: Texture.. Go Big Or Go Home

Texture is usually always on trend in the summer. Time to let our natural wave go and get a little body, texture and frizz ( the good kind). However its not just summer. Its a go big or go home few seasons in general.  Whether your putting your hair into a ponytail, an up do, or you have short hair, long hair, a polished style, a messy style.. all of it needs texture!  How can you bring out your natural texture?  Let your hair air dry, use beach sprays, texture sprays, and even if you blow dry it and curl it with an iron get in there and back comb  it then spray your favorite texture spray.  Here are a few examples of what we mean:

textured hairstyles




Don’t be afraid of looking messy, you can always polish your texture with polishing creams or your favorite pomade. Just put a little on your finger tips and run through pieces of your hair.

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Messy Hairstyles for Classy Parties

As we all know its summertime. Summer calls for a few Trends when it comes to hairstyles and looking good, 1 is braids, 2 is texture, 3 is parties. Now, there is a fine line between texture that looks intended and a hot mess. You don’t want to be the hot mess. How do we know what how to be classy instead of messy? Let The hair Dame show you the difference…






Dont do this to your self. YOu can make big messy hair look classy and these are the rules on how to do it….


Rule #1-

You need half of the hairstyle polished and groomed. If your wearing a messy ponytail, make sure the sides and top are sleek and slicked. If your doing a messy braid, make sure only the braid is messy and the sections going into it are neat. If your wearing a braid as an accessory mixed in with loose hair, make sure the loose hair has a shape and is somewhat polished .




Rule #2-

Make sure your teased hair is covered properly. Tease all day, but polish the hair on top so we dont see a rats nest up in there.



Rule #3-

Big hair needs a shape or you will look like hot mess barbie up above. Create a wave in your hair and brush it out if you want a thick voluminous look. you can tease the inside and make it big, but dont leave it straight and stringy.


Follow these rules and you will have nailed texture and ditched the hot mess! Have fun! Check out our channel on Youtube for more quick tips by The Hair Dame.


Trends, Trendy Spring/Summer Styles

Beach Party!! Trendy Hairstyles YOU Can Do

Who doesn’t love a good beach party in the summer?  Let’s be honest, its all about the hair. Here’s some looks that will be trending this summer and you don’t want to miss out..


Every summer hairstyle starts with a perfect beach wave. Get this going in the begining of your day and you can turn this into any hairstyle. Check out our post on our favorite products to use this summer for the best way to achieve this look: Fav Summer Products


Straight from the beach, but you have the perfect wave poppin? Throw a hat on. It accessorizes any look and looks good on everyone, especially with a long hair vibe.


A messy beach wave pony is a perfect fix to 2 day old hair.  Refresh your waves with some beach spray and leave in conditioner cocktail and throw it up. If you have short hair check out our video on how to create a ponytail with clip in hair extensions coming out next week!!


Everybody knows Dames love a great braid in the summer. Texture is your friend with this look as long as the top of your head looks groomed, the messier the better on the braid. If you don’t know how to braid then fake it til you make it.. this is a perfect example of that kind of look.

Now get your beach party on!

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Beach Day to Night Hairstyles..Time To Turn It Up!

The weather is warming up and so are our hairstyles! Summer is approaching and we want you to be equipped with the right ideas to take your beachy look daytime hair out for a little turn up at night. Here’s a few ideas that keep you in with a summer vibe without the hot mess




If you have fine hair, a little beach could give you some much appreciated texture. Just go with it, add in some clip in extensions, try cashmere hair and do a chunky side braid.  We want texture so to juxtapose this make sure the top and part are groomed nicely,  the hair that is down can be big and messy. This is what keeps it looking on purpose messy- not hot mess.





What? you don’t know how to braid?? Don’t worry! The  topknot is still on fuego and going to be a constant go to this summer.  You want to make sure the sides and back are slicked super tight and the knot can be as messy as possible.




You can’t go wrong with a textured long ponytail. You can either use a ponytail piece that you just tie on to your own pony, or you can use the smaller hair extension pieces in your set and layer them- clipped in on top of each other going down the back of your head. Then slick back the sides and tie it up. Spray some Oribe texture spray on and tease it up a bit. Voila!!


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The Perfect Beach Hair… Not Meant To Be Perfect!

We are smack in the middle of summer and all you beach bunnies have been asking us how to create the perfect, most authentic looking beach babe waves. Well, wait no longer here are some easy breezy tips.


What you need:

1. beach spray (ingredients are actually sea salt + water!)

2. a 1 inch barrel curling iron

3. dry shampoo


How to make the magic happen….

1. Its best to begin with day old unwashed hair. Start by spraying dry shampoo directly on your roots. Then hit the roots with a blow dryer.

2.Wrap medium size sections of your hair around a 1″ curling iron.  The waver wand by Babyliss is a great tool for this. You want to start making waves about half way down the section of hair. Also, leave your ends out of the curler to avoid looking overdone. Lastly, alternate wrapping the section towards your face and away from your face to achieve the most natural curl effect.

3. Shake it out with your hands. If the waves are a little tight, use a little light brush to smooth them out.

4. Spritz your beach spray all throughout your hair, focusing on your ends and… VOILA!





Quick Tips, Trendy Spring/Summer Styles

Protect Your Tresses!

As the temps rise, our temptation to stay in the sun at any opportunity does too! Being a spontaneous girl means not always having a spray-in spf for hair on hand at all times. Should you find yourself at an impromptu pool party, beach stroll, outdoor lunch or convertible joyride, consider keeping one of these chic protectors in your car or purse, just in case. The sun, as glorious as it is, can dry out much of the moisture out of your hair. This will fade your color quickly, give you crunchy ends and may even burn your scalp, damaging the roots. We say, cover it up!

Hats! Whether it’s a fedora, wide-brim or something off-the-wall like Paris’ captain look, a cool cap is an easy go-to.

Scarves and turbans are the best bet for the fashion forward dame. The options are endless when it comes to topping it off with this look. First, it’s all about the print and texture – tribal, monogram, solid, neon, vintage, and so on. Then, deciding which way to wrap it! Turbans may not have the versatility of a scarf, but it’s an uber-chic way for impressing while protecting. Smart and beautiful! That a dame!

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Ombre: Dead or Revive for Summer?

Trends can become redundant sometimes. When it hits fast and hard most of us get bored quickly. However when it comes to ombre, most people don’t realize it has in fact been around for many years – and if you ask us, it’s not going away any time soon.

Ombre is a french word that means fading from dark to light. It was meant to resemble the color of a child’s hair. Natural color on children tends to be light around the face and hairline and then dark at the root and fade to light on the ends. This is a youthful, natural look.  Kris Sorbie of Redken claims to be the inventor of this color trend. So, like it or not this youthful look will be sticking around and as summer approaches we will see different variations of this concept on of all our favorite celebs.

hair color by George Papanikolas, styled by Clyde Haygood