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Headbands: Solve Your Baby Hair’s Problem

How many of you have baby hairs around your hairline?

I mean, I kind of love how J-Lo always makes them prominent in her hairstyles with a little tooth brush and gel. However, that may not be your thing!  They may be driving you crazy!

Recently, I’m surrounded by babies — so many of my girlfriends are having them! It’s a beautiful thing. What comes with having a baby, however, is slight hair loss. The worst part of that is the grow-back. A few of my friends have recently asked me what to do with those annoying hairs sticking straight out of their head. Well, my simple answer: HEADBANDS!

Here’s some cute ideas.  I’m kind of obsessed with this site. I love their headbands ~> here.


Source: Pinterest

cute- headbands

Source: Pinterest


Source: Pinterest


Solution! If you’re not into baby hairs and yours are in between lengths, just slap a headband on it.



Amalia Moscoso, The Hair Dame

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