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Beach Day to Night Hairstyles..Time To Turn It Up!

The weather is warming up and so are our hairstyles! Summer is approaching and we want you to be equipped with the right ideas to take your beachy look daytime hair out for a little turn up at night. Here’s a few ideas that keep you in with a summer vibe without the hot mess


source: fashion-kid.net


If you have fine hair, a little beach could give you some much appreciated texture. Just go with it, add in some clip in extensions, try cashmere hair and do a chunky side braid.  We want texture so to juxtapose this make sure the top and part are groomed nicely,  the hair that is down can be big and messy. This is what keeps it looking on purpose messy- not hot mess.



source: blog.blush.com


What? you don’t know how to braid?? Don’t worry! The  topknot is still on fuego and going to be a constant go to this summer.  You want to make sure the sides and back are slicked super tight and the knot can be as messy as possible.


source ourvanity.com


You can’t go wrong with a textured long ponytail. You can either use a ponytail piece that you just tie on to your own pony, or you can use the smaller hair extension pieces in your set and layer them- clipped in on top of each other going down the back of your head. Then slick back the sides and tie it up. Spray some Oribe texture spray on and tease it up a bit. Voila!!


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