DIY, Hair Styles with Hair Extensions

How to Completely Change Your Look With Extensions

Hi, Dames!

The end of the year is here and it always tends to brings out the lioness in us all –  we want to go out with a bang and wow everyone one more time before entering a new year. Well, I’m here to find you that perfect hair inspiration.

If you want to transform your look but don’t want to spend too much money, I will show you many looks that you can try out on your own hair! We have teamed up with #DAME Katie Welch to show you how transformational hair extensions of all types can be.  Check out our video and look for the list of steps below.  Tag us in your photos if you try a look!  @TheHairDame



1. Use two pieces of your color extensions with one piece in the middle that is approximately two shades darker than your color.

2. Put them on like a headband taking out your hair underneath and around your hairline. Use a comb to comb out the hair under the invisible wire.

3. Clip on the Secret Bangs. Comb the bottom clips into your hairline, snap the clips into place where the bangs hit your eyebrow. Pull tight and snap in the top clip!

4. Tease the back crown area of your hair for the Secret Volume hair piece. Straighten the piece with an iron. Snap the middle clip first, then the sides. Back comb the top layer of the hair piece and comb down the end to blend into your hair.

5. Using a boar bristle brush comb your hair over the teased volume and gather in a half-up hair style, leaving as much hair out as you wish. Bobby pin into desired position. Voila!

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